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Short Float Trip on the Meramec River

Book Kayak Rentals, Canoes, Cooler Float Tubes, & Rafts for this Float Trip near St. Louis, MO!

Quick Details

Cooler Float Tubes Your cooler!
Single Kayaks
Tandem Kayak 2 people
Canoe 2 people
Small Raft 4 people
Medium Raft 6 people
Large Raft 7 people

Kayaks, Canoes, Cooler Float Tubes, and Rafts!

Discover the peaceful beauty of rafting, kayaking, or canoeing, in Missouri! This is the only float trip we offer for rafting, and it’s a great one! This shorter float is designed for those who want a relaxing day on the water with the option of a later start time. Get your friends and family together and book this incredible experience on the Meramec River now!

The Meramec River Missouri Float Route

A map of Old Cove float trips